Large projects have lots of moving parts often coming from several locations, we can consolidate all these items into one neat package for you ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Learn a little more about our Consolidation services

Our consolidation and delivery service means you can bring all the moving parts of your project together conveniently and simply and concentrate on the job at hand. Why worry about co-ordinating many deliveries when we can do this for you.

Project Co-Ordination

When trying to bring a complicated project together, with lots of moving parts often the biggest headache is bringing all the elements together physically at one point in time and ensuring they all arrive at the location at the same time. Specialist Project Logistics can take on this challenge for you by bringing it all together for you. We will ensure all items are received, checked and catalogued ready for the final journey.

Avoid Delays & Costs

All our crews are trained on the very latest technology for moving items in and
around your location. If it’s a flight of stairs or it needs to go over a counter to be in position then we can make this happen for you. If items need removing from site to be disposed of or even stored for re-installation at a later date this is no issue at all. SPL can provide same day, next day or time specified deliveries on this basis. Regardless of your requirement we will have the solution for you.

Bespoke Services

Specialist Project Logistics can offer a consolidation service where we bring all elements together at our location and deliver to site exactly when its needed. In addition to this we can offer any additional bespoke services that are needed to make the whole project run smoothly. If it requires unpacking, positioning or an element of installation then this can all be done at the same time meaning you don’t have the headaches and can concentrate on completion of a successful project.

Planned & Co-Ordinated Approach

We will co-ordinate your deliveries for you in advance ensuring all elements are with us in advance of the day required. These items are checked at the point of delivery for any issues and to make sure the right item has been received and any problems identified are corrected. Once fully received these items are catalogued and confirmed as received and a plan put in place for the final delivery taking into account all your requirements ensuring a smooth hassle-free delivery with all items on site at the same time exactly when required.

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