Manufacturer National Account Support

Once an item has been stored for the duration required and you need it delivering to a new location simply let us know. We can arrange delivery to the new site ensuring the whole process is hassle free and seamless.

Learn a little more about our Manufacturer National Account Support services

Most industries manufacturers have to support large national account customers with direct supply and provide items with very specific requirements. These often need to be delivered via a third party. SPL are experts in this area and can provide truly bespoke services giving your client exactly what they need.

Liaise Directly With Client

One of the biggest challenges is communication and making sure the relevant parties are liaising with one another to ensure smooth completion of a project. The more links in the chain the more challenging this is. Our office team will liaise directly with your client directly on your behalf making sure all relevant details are recorded, all parties know what is happening at all times and most importantly of all make sure we report back to you so you can be confident all aspects are being dealt with. This makes your life easier and avoids any complications due to elongated communication lines.

Consolidation of Delivery

If your client needs multiple items collected at one point to be delivered in to one point at one time then we can arrange all of this for you. This ensures all items are delivered on schedule in one go.

Specific Time Deliveries

Large customers quite often have sites that can only be accessed at certain times be this a specific day or even at specific times. Specialist Project Logistics can provide bespoke delivery services designed purely to attend site when needed with whatever additional services required when we get to site.

Facilitating Your Client Systems

Many multi-site operators or large organisations operate in house or bespoke systems that must be completed or accessed at the time of deliveries or installations to show that the particular project has been attended or completed. By utilising our dedicated office team and by briefing all our on-site team thoroughly we can make sure all your client’s systems are fully interacted with and updated when needed ensuring efficient communication and complete clarity throughout the project.

Unpack & Position

All items delivered can be unpacked and positioned regardless of the desired location. We will then ensure all packaging and waste material are removed from site keeping your client’s site clean and free from any clutter.

Removal from Site

Should your client require it we can remove items from site, be this as a stand-
alone job or as part of a new delivery. All items can be safely and efficiently removed and disposed of or recycled in line with all current legislation and relevant paperwork provided.

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