Removal & Disposal

Taking redundant items away from a site can be a real challenge, not to mention ensuring it is disposed of in the correct manner. SPL can handle the whole process for you.

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When items come to the end of their life cycle getting the replacement to site and in the right location isn’t the only challenge to face. Quite often you will need an old item removing from site, sometimes in a difficult location and also prove that it was disposed of in the correct manner. This is where Specialist Project Logistics can step in.

Redundant Equipment

Redundant equipment can be a real challenge to get off site. Large
cumbersome items that are sometimes in difficult locations need treating with the same care and approach as the new delivery. With our dedicated team we can disconnect an item and transport it safely out of the building ensuring there is no disruption to your day to day business.

Replacement Co-Ordination

We can deliver the new item at the same time as removing the old item meaning no day to day disruption. If you have a piece of equipment that is vital to your operation but is being replaced, the last thing you want or need is to be without that item and wait for the new one to be in place. By engaging SPL you can ensure that the delivery of the new item is done at the same time as removal of old ensuring you are never without the use of your vital item.  This mean no loss of time, no impact on efficiency and most of all no financial consequences.

Dismantling &  Removal

The physical layout and fabric of a building may have changed since an item was delivered and put in place causing major headaches to attempt removal. This means the only option left to remove an item is to dismantle it to some degree to ensure it can be taken from site safely and without fear of any damage. Our trained technicians can attend site as part of our delivery/removal process and dismantle an item to the required level to ensure removal happens without a problem.

Safe Disposal

Removal of a unit is only part of the challenge; it is important today to ensure the item is disposed of in the correct manner and is fully compliant. Specialist Project Logistics work with only authorised waste partners to ensure all items are disposed of in the correct manner or where possible recycled. We deal with all the paperwork and communication meaning you don’t have to.  Once the item is removed you can be confident that it is dealt with in the correct manner conforming to all current legislation.

Relevant  Paperwork

Upon completion of any removal job we will provide you with a full set of paperwork including any relevant waste transfer notes. This means you will have a full paper trail of all activities and a record of what was actioned. This means you will be fully compliant and will have the paperwork to prove the job was completed in the manner required.

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