Unpack & Position

High value items are quite often supplied on pallets or are difficult to get into the desired location due to size. Why not give us that headache to deal with for you?

Learn a little more about our Unpacking & Positioning services

Standard delivery services will only deliver a unit to a kerb side location meaning you have the issue of how to get what are quite often large and high value items into your premises.  Not to mention getting it to its final location. An added complication is also its packaging, be this a crate, pallet or similar. We can handle all these challenges for you.

Final Delivery with Positioning

Specialist Project Logistics can provide you with a delivery service not only to your site but also ensuring the unit gets to its final location. Our expert team will ensure the items is in your premises to the exact location required exactly when you need it to be there.

Collection or DeliveryDelivery from Ourselves

We can arrange to collect your item(s) from wherever you need them and then carry out delivery to its final location. Alternatively, if you would prefer you can have the items delivered to our warehouse and we will then carry out the final delivery from there.  Whichever method you prefer you can be assured you don’t have to worry about the delivery or how the unit will get into site and to its location

Stairs, Tight Access & Complications on  Site

Specialist Project Logistics have all the latest technology to ensure we get your item to its new home. The most common challenge is large high value items needing to be on a higher floor or a building where goods lifts and access isn’t available.  Here our stair walkers’ step in and allow us to complete the job in no time. If the challenge is a little more ‘manual’ then this is where our team take over and ensure the challenge is met.


One element that is often under appreciated in the challenges it creates is the
packaging that items come delivered in. High value and large items are packaged well to ensure no damage occurs during delivery. This is great for the delivery itself but then poses challenges on site.  These items will often come in large wooden crates or on pallets that require specific tools for the item to be removed. Specialist Project Logistics can handle all this for you. We will ensure all items are fully unpacked and all waste material removed from site and disposed of or recycled in the correct manner. Where possible we also prepare items in advance in our warehouse meaning less disruption on site and no mess.

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