Warehouse Solutions

If you are in need of a short to medium term warehouse solution for storage then SPL can provide a solution for you.

Learn a little more about our Removal & Disposal services

If you are in need of a short- or medium-term warehouse solution for items being re-located, items that have been removed but don’t currently have a planned location or even if you are simply collating items for a future project then we can provide this solution for you.

Temporary Storage

If you have items that have come out of one site and need temporary storage before it is delivered to a new site then Specialist Project Logistics can handle this for you. We can arrange collection from site, storage at our facility until such a time when it needs delivering somewhere else, and guess what, we can handle that too!

Secure Site Storage

Our facility just outside Doncaster in Yorkshire is fully secure with strict procedures and policies in place meaning complete control at all times. Items of all shapes and sizes and any value can be stored with confidence. The site is fitted with secure electric gates and the very latest CCTV technology and alarm system.


Once an item has been stored for the duration required and you need it delivering to a new location simply let us know. We can arrange delivery to the new site ensuring the whole process is hassle free and seamless.

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